Wife of missing dementia sufferer reveals he couldn't live with the devastating symptoms

Jane hasn't seen her husband Gerry for three weeks Credit: ITV Meridian
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The wife of a missing man, feared dead, is raising awareness of the heartbreaking symptoms of Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

It has been three weeks since Jane Turner saw her husband Gerry.

He could no longer face living with the devastating symptoms.

It briefly hit the headlines in 2014 when Hollywood actor Robin Williams took his own life after being diagnosed with it.

Jane wants to raise awareness of the heartbreaking symptoms to promote better treatment and care for sufferers.

67-year-old Gerry Turner was a professional gardener and three weeks ago he slipped out of their house and did not come back.

Jane tries to remain hopeful he will be found, but Gerry was a type 1 diabetic and took no insulin with him.

Credit: ITV Meridian

Six years ago Jane had noticed him begin to behave erratically, she says at first they were both in denial.

The symptoms got gradually worse.

He suffered from depression, paranoia, hallucinations and extreme anxiety.

But Lewy Bodies is particularly cruel compared to other dementias like alzheimer's in that it doesn't affect the memory.

Gerry was fully aware who he was and who he had been and that his physical and mental capabilities were deteriorating.

When Gerry was finally officially diagnosed last year, they found there was nothing really to help him.