Bulldog puppy reunited with owner after thief 'thinks better' of taking her

Bella is reunited with her owners
  • Video shows the moment Bella is reunited with her owners

A four-month-old puppy has been reunited with her owners after a woman apparently thought better of taking her.

French Bulldog Bella was taken from a dog rest area at Beaulieu Motor Museum in the New Forest on Easter Sunday.

A woman was spotted on CCTV cameras carrying her away.

Bella's owners, the Edgar family from Herne Bay in Kent, were so distraught that they cut their holiday short, and started a Facebook campaign to find their beloved pet.

Then, out of the blue on Saturday, they received a call from a woman saying Bella had been left at a vet surgery in Windsor.

The family rushed over and were reunited with Bella, who appeared none the worse for her ordeal.

Mum Abi Edgar told us the woman who took Bella probably thought better of what she had done.

"We are very grateful she did the right thing," the owner said. "I feel pretty sure she acted on impulse and didn't think it through."