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A couple from Oxfordshire who were poisoned by a lethal toxin in their own home, say people who keep coral in fish tanks need to be better informed of the risks.

Emma Mundy and Chris Matthews from Steventon became ill when they breathed in palytoxin - which it's believed was released from some coral into the air as they were transferring the contents of their tank to a new tank.

We had got a new tank and while we were moving everything over, I scrubbed some invasive coral off the top of one of the rocks. Later on we started to feel a bit like we had a cold. The following morning I went to the sofa and just couldn't move. We became very, very poorly. Then the dogs started to become ill and some other family members in the house.

Chris Matthews

They ended up in hospital, along with four members of their family and the first four firefighters at the scene.

Peter Mundy, a manager at The Goldfish Bowl aquatics store, says palytoxin - which can be life-threatening - is found in some coral species, such as zoanthids, and is used as a defence mechanism against fish and other corals.

Everything we've read online talks about wearing goggles and gloves when you're doing this kind of work. There is no mention of masks, and we inhaled it. So I think it needs to be more well-known and the information about palytoxin needs to be more easily accessible.

Emma Mundy