Divers commemorate one century since the end of WW1

Credit: ITV Meridian
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A group of divers have commemorated one century since the end of World War One by hanging a plaque on the bow of a shipwreck off Shoreham.

In 25 metres of water, six miles out from the Sussex coast lies the wreck of the SS Pentyrch, a war ship blown apart and now transformed into a reef, its huge boilers home to conger eels, its gun still mounted.

The Pentyrch was an armoured steamer weighing 3,300 tonnes and carrying coal to Italy when she was torpedoed by a German UB40 exactly one hundred years ago to the day.

One man was killed but the bulk of the international crew survived to tell the tale.

This living piece of history is now marked by those who still love it.

A memorial not just for one man but for all who lost their lives.

Andy Dickenson spoke to Stephen Martin, Chris Bohea and Tom Voice from the Brighton Sub Aqua Club