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Lucky lizards released back into the wild after major fire


Three years ago it was feared a fire which ripped through a nature reserve had killed a number of wildlife. Among them were dozens of lizards.

But luckily many of the reptiles survived at the reserve on Farnham Heath. Exactly three years on from the blaze the lizards have been released back into the wild.

Watch the full report by Mark McQuillan:

21 sand lizards were released back into the wild at Farnham Heath Reserve, but it required careful consideration.

Mike Coates from the RSPB spoke about readying them at a garden in Guildford months prior to their release:

This work has followed a major fire at the reserve three years ago. It wiped out around a hundred reptiles and amphibians. Since then, numbers have been steadily restored.

Major fire at Farnham Reserve in 2015

The team hope this is the start of the final phase of releasing a new batch of lizards back into the wild. The aim is for them to spread our across the 160 acre site, so in the years to come the thousands of visitors who come each year can see the lizards up close.

Ralph Connolly from the Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust tells us how the lizards will burrow their eggs in the sand once they're released:

Two more sets of lizards will be released at the reserve over the next few years.