Could it be the hottest early May Bank Holiday on record?

Credit: Nick Lucas, Mudeford

Everyone knows a Bank Holiday weekend means a dose of good old British wet weather, right? Well believe it or not, this one is not only going to be brolly-free but it’s also going to turn much warmer.

We started this week with gale force winds, almost three inches of rain in parts of the region and temperatures languishing in the mid single figures. However, fast-forward to Sunday and Monday and those values could be as much as 20C higher.

This time of year can bring huge changes in temperature as our jet stream swings north and south. As we head towards the weekend it’s travelling northwards and allowing high pressure to build in, pumping up air from a tropical direction. In fact, it could be the hottest early May Bank Holiday Monday since records began in 1978.

So time to get those barbecues out! However, without wishing to sound like anyone’s mum, don’t forget a dollop of suncream. Not only have we got plenty of sunshine but with a bit of a lull in stratospheric ozone this weekend the UV will be high and lead to a greater risk of burning than you might expect!