1. ITV Report

Dramatic rescue of stricken yacht in dangerous seas

Volunteers from Shoreham and Brighton RNLI scrambled after the skipper sent out a distress call as he drifted uncontrollably in dangerous seas. As waves smashed into the yacht the RNLI battled to throw a line and tow it to safety.

Two members of the Brighton crew were taken to hospital after successfully rescuing the yacht.

Well done to our volunteer crew after yesterday morning’s rescue. The seamanship and decisions made by the Helmsman Daniel Gurr in this incident were exemplary.

Unfortunately one crew member sustained injuries during this service call. Our crew don’t volunteer to be injured but unfortunately they often work in dangerous conditions and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Our crews are on call 24/7 and when their pagers go off, they never know what they’re going to face. This is what our crews train for and what the charity equips them to do.

The teamwork shown by the volunteer crews of Brighton and Shoreham was admirable and it’s a credit to them all that they were able to bring back the initial casualty into the safety of Brighton Marina in worsening conditions.

– Roger Cohen, Lifeboat Operations Manager, Brighton Lifeboat Station