Heathrow is to roll out a fleet of up to 200 electric cars for passengers to get to and from the airport.

The new chauffeur-driven service could support around 1,000 journeys every day which airport bosses say could reduce its nitrogen oxide output by 8 tonnes a year.

Watch the full report by Mel Bloor:

It's a well known fact that the aviation industry adds trillions to the global economy. But we also know the impacts of flying are not all positive.

Heathrow bosses are aiming to make the airport a world leader in reducing emissions. It's latest initiative is a fleet of 200 electric cars to ferry passengers to and from London.

Andrew Chen- Head of Emissions Strategy- says electric vehicles are key to solving air quality:

Designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover, the all electric I-PACE comes with a 298 mile battery which can be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes, placing it at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.

New research commissioned by Heathrow predicts that by 2030, 3 in 5 vehicles on London's roads will be electric.

Depending on the success of the new service, it could be rolled out to the Thames Valley and beyond.

Emma Gilthorpe- Executive Director, Heathrow Airport- says there's real opportunity in the Thames Valley and beyond:

Heathrow already has one of the largest corporate electric vehicle fleets in the UK. T

here a re currently 125 electric cars and vans and another 850 electric baggage tugs.

It's also trialling electric buses and by the end of the year will have spent five million pounds on charging points alone.

It's a big investment for Heathrow but one it hopes will have even bigger rewards.