Dinkie Flowers won't hang up her dancing shoes at 97

We're often told that one way to keep young, or at least feel young, is to dance.

Well perhaps Dinkie Flowers is the best advert for that. She's not only enjoyed a long career as a dancer and ice skater, she's still a dance teacher in Shoreham in Sussex.

And at the age of 97, she shows no signs of wanting to hang up her dancing shoes.

Emma Wilkinson has been finding out why Dinkie's still got the rhythm:

For Dinkie, age is no barrier to the pre-class dance warm-up.

She's honed these skills over a long and glittering career as a dancing and iceskating sensation.

It's always been her passion, but things really took off when she was a teenager showing off her moves at her local ice rink in Brighton.

Dinkie tells us of the moment her career started:

She started doing some acrobatics at the rink when she was spotted by a scout for Tom Arnold. The theatrical producer, famous for his pantomimes and ice spectaculars, launched Dinkie's career.

She went on to dance and skate all over the world, including in India and Iraq. She later went into choreography, and then teaching - which she's still doing 50 years on.

Dinkie lives and breathes dancing, and when it comes to her current students getting it right, she's no soft touch.

Tomorrow, Dinkie's friends and students from the decades will come here for a 97th birthday celebration. Pictures and memorabilia of Dinkie's life as a performer will be on display.