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Battersea dogs are guests at Windsor street party

Hope the mongrel enjoys the Old Windsor street party Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Ali Taylor and Katrina Gould with VIP guests at the party Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Bertie the greyhound takes his seat at the table Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Loki the lurcher waits for his food at the street party Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Lola and Jet enjoy treats at the party Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Little Olive is looking forward to the wedding Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Flags flying, tea flowing and tails wagging, Battersea’s dogs were the guests of honour at a special street party in Windsor to celebrate this weekend’s Royal wedding.

Dogs and staff gathered just a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre to mark the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Guests included Loki, a two-year-old lurcher, and Bertie, a three-year-old greyhound. While Loki was running rings round the other guests, trying to get everyone excited, Bertie took a more laid-back approach and proved himself to be a perfect gentleman.

They were joined by Hope, a fun-loving and friendly eight-year-old mongrel whose bubbly nature meant she soon became a firm favourite with all the guests.