Holly has the weather forecast for the royal wedding

Holly has the forecast for the royal wedding! Credit: ITV


The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be watched by millions, celebrated in street parties across the country and attended by royalty and celebrities from across the globe. So while it might be a little different to your average wedding there is one thing the royal couple will be watching as closely as every other bride and groom to be: the weather. Hopefully, though, they’ve been keeping a close eye on my Meridian weather forecasts this week and I imagine they’ll be pretty happy with what’s in store.

In fact, the Royal Family has been fairly lucky with their wedding weather over the years. The Queen and Prince Philip had a mild day in November, Prince William and Kate Middleton got away with a dry April day with temperatures topping out at 20C and Prince Charles and Diana had a gloriously sunny day with highs of 24C.

Prince Harry and Meghan will mostly likely have a dry day with some warm spells of sunshine and, rather like William and Kate, they should see temperatures nudging towards the low 20s. So it should be near enough perfect wedding weather for the couple and crowds. However, it will be a bit of a chilly start and the UV will be high by midday so anyone there all day may need to start in a jumper...but have the suncream close to hand!