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One year on- Aldershot baby girl murder


Detectives continue to investigate a year after a new born baby girl’s body was discovered in Aldershot.

The baby girl’s body was found in bushes in Manor Park at around 1.30pm on Friday 19 May 2017.

Police believe the baby was born in bushes next to the park. Her body was left in the park after being murdered by an unknown person sometime between 6pm on Monday 15 May and 8am on Tuesday 16 May.

On scene - May 2017 Credit: ITV Meridian

Over the past year officers in the Major Crime team have conducted a number of detailed enquiries but have still been unable to identify the baby’s mother or anyone connected to her murder.

In January 2018 officers began a fresh round of house to house enquiries near to the scene as part of their continued investigation by the Major Crime team.

The house to house enquiries identified a witness who describes seeing three middle-aged Asian males within the bushes near to the scene where the baby was eventually discovered.

These males were seen shortly before 7am on Tuesday 16 May, which is after the baby was was murdered but before her body was found by park staff.

One of the males was described as 6ft tall, slightly overweight and round faced. All the males were clean shaven and wearing western clothing.

Tributes left at Manor Park, 2017 Credit: ITV Meridian

Over the past year, police have issued the following updates to the investigation:

  • the baby died as a result of deliberate head injuries. Expert analysis also suggests that one or both of the parents are of East Asian ancestry.
  • have obtained a full DNA profile of the baby’s mother and partial DNA of the baby’s father. These profiles can be used to confirm or eliminate a link to the baby.
  • With the help of further forensic support, police have been able to identify a smaller time window when they believe the offence took place- overnight between Monday May 15 and Tuesday May 16 2017.
  • issued a piece of CCTV footage of two people we are very keen to identify who are seen in the area at the relevant time.
CCTV image of people police want to speak to Credit: Hampshire Police

Major Crime Detective Chief Inspector Dave Storey said: “Over the past year we have conducted a complex and detailed investigation, this work absolutely continues. We are determined to identify anyone connected to this murder. We need to know why a new born baby girl was killed and bring the person or people responsible to justice.''

House to house enquiries, which began in January, have led to officers visiting over 1000 homes. There are a number of potential leads we are following up as a result of this work. Someone out there in the Aldershot community must know something which would help us understand what happened this time last year. A lot changes in a year, you may not have felt you could speak to us back then but maybe you can now? Identifying the baby’s parents is key to us understanding why the baby was killed and the circumstances leading to her tragic death. We have a baby girl, without a name and a proper burial, please help us find out what happened. Please contact us if you think you can help, what happened to what happened to this new born baby girl is unthinkable, we need to find out who is responsible.

– Major Crime Detective Chief Inspector Dave Storey