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The Full Monty 'contrary to Christian teaching,' says Priest


The cast currently rehearsing for a charity performance of The Full Monty on the Kent coast knew the show would not be without its challenges.

They've got just a few weeks to get it right, they've set themselves an ambitious fund-raising target, and then there's the issue of stripping off in public.

But they did not expect to be 'torn off a strip' by the Catholic Church.

Watch the full report by John Ryall:

Herne Bay Pier was open to the public in a chilly north wind, so they kept their clothes on for this rehearsal of The Full Monty, based on the hit TV show.

But on the night - watched by a ticket-only adult audience - they will be baring all.

And that, says the priest at this church in neighbouring Whitstable, means the Full Monty should come to a full-stop.

In his letter, Father Kevin St Aubyn says this type of dancing is against the Christian teachings.

Intentionally using our bodies to arouse sexual feelings and appetites in others simply for 'entertainment' is clearly contrary to Christian teaching.

– Father Kevin St Aubyn

He urges the cancer charities set to benefit - and the managers of the pier - to think again.

Their answer? The show goes on. Listen to what the cast and crew had to say:

Back at the pier they're less, the pubic are less...buttoned-up. Listen to what they had to say:

Father Kevin's intervention has given the show- scheduled for August the 11th- a lot of unexpected exposure.

It's on course to sell out, raising up to £10,000 to combat the cancers that have directly affected many members of this cast.