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Fatal 4: '160 lives saved yearly if drink driving ended'

Police film reconstructs the events which could lead to a fatal driving accident Photo: Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley Police safety video

A new hard-hitting road safety campaign from the Hampshire and Thames Valley police forces reveals the four things which most contribute to fatal road accidents in their areas.

The behaviours have been labelled the 'Fatal 4' - and include not wearing a seatbelt; driving while under the influence of drink or drugs; speeding; and using hand-held mobile phones.

The Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit for Hampshire and Thames valley Roads Policing says that it wants drivers to realise that their actions can have fatal consequences. The video which accompanies the campaign shows a couple enjoying a night out at a casino where they commit the 'Fatal 4' behaviours which eventually lead to a serious road accident in which one of them dies. The credits thanks the families of victims who helped in the making of the video.

Fewer deaths or serious injuries if drivers stopped using hand-held mobile phones
The Fatal 4 include speeding, hand-held mobile phone use, not wearing seatbelts, & driving under the influence of drink/drugs Credit: Hampshire & Thames Valley police campaign video

Based on research commissioned from the Berkshire-based Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in 2016, the roads policing unit has said that an estimated 460+ road casualties in the areas concerned could be prevented each year if drivers were to stop committing the 'Fatal 4' offences. The figures include the following:

  • 66 fewer people could be killed or seriously injured if every person in a car wore a seatbelt or the appropriate restraint
  • 106 fewer people could die or be seriously uninjured if drink driving was eradicated
  • 242 fewer people could died or be seriously injured if everyone using a hand-held phone stopped using a mobile phone while driving
A dramatic 'film' has been released showing the events leading up to an accident
Fewer deaths or serious injuries if drink driving was eradicated

The campaign is aimed at encouraging motorists to drive more safely, thereby reducing the number of accidents and resulting injuries or deaths.

“We run campaigns throughout the year to target poor driving behaviour as well as focusing on the fatal four. To assist in getting the message out there we have created short film to highlight the dangers involved with the fatal four and the devastating consequences it can have to all involved.

"We'd like to thank everyone that has helped contribute towards this campaign and to give extra special thanks to the families who've shared their heartbreak and the devastating reality of the everyday impact these horrific road collisions cause. Throughout the year we will, in association with this trailer, be releasing personal stories told by families affected by the tragedy of a fatal road traffic collision to share their account of the impact it has had on them losing a loved one.

“We can only make a difference on making our roads safer for all if we look out for each other, share the roads and focus as individuals on how we ourselves can drive and ride safer.

“Sadly, many collisions are caused by those who are committing offences and this has a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families of their own and other road-users families. Please drive safely, and remember ‘It’s not worth the risk’."

– Road Safety Sergeant Rob Heard
Fewer deaths / serious injuries if people wore seatbelts