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Two men found guilty of killing Sussex father

Nicholas Bridge and Daniel Onofeghare convicted at Hove Crown Court Photo: Sussex Police

Following a three week trial at Hove Crown Court Nicholas Bridge - who's 18 and from Brixton - and 20 year old Daniel Onofeghare - of no fixed address - have been found guilty of killing Anthony Williams from Horsham last September.

Bridge was found guilty of his murder and Onofeghare of manslaughter.

Anthony 'Tony' Williams died from multiple stab wounds Credit: Sussex Police

The 37 year old - more commonly known as Tony - was with friends at a flat in Burtons Court in Park Way when a man knock at the front door - who they recognised. They let him in unbeknown to the those in the flat Bridge and Onofeghare were stood behind the caller.

Armed with knives the pair forced their way into the property. Bridge said Tony's name and lunged at him with a large knife, striking the first of what would prove to be fatal knife wounds.​ Onofeghare stood watch but his "threatening" behaviour was said to prevent anyone helping Mr Williams.

Just three minutes after arriving at the property Bridge, Onofeghare and another man left the flat.

One of Mr William's friends dialled 999 and told police his friend had been attacked. During this phone call he gave a brief description of the suspects which would play a vital role in the later arrests.

Police and ambulance crews arrived at the flat and despite their best efforts, Mr Williams died shortly after their arrival. He had sustained multiple stab wounds.

Within 40 minutes of his death, police received another 999 phone call to say two men were acting suspiciously at Littlehaven Railway Station, near Horsham.

The description given matched that from Anthony's friend.

Officers went to the station, which is less than two miles away from the flat, and arrested the two men, Bridge and Onofeghare, as well as a woman who was with them.

Police arrest Bridge and Onofeghare at Littlehaven Railway Station Credit: Sussex Police

During the investigation detectives discovered Mr Williams and Onofeghare had been involved in an altercation.

Mr Williams and a friend went to an acquaintance's flat - this is where he met Onofeghare

While there an altercation between Tony, his friend and Onofeghare occurred in which Onofeghare’s drug supply was stolen.

Onofeghare later texted a friend saying “I got rushed and robbed”.

A day later, despite in his police interviews saying he knew nothing about it, Bridge, accompanied by a woman, travelled by train from London to Horsham. The pair could be seen on CCTV arriving at Horsham Railway Station.

Bridge seen on CCTV at Horsham Railway Station Credit: Sussex Police

Bridge and the woman met up with Onofeghare and found out where Mr Williams was staying. An arranged driver - who was known to Anthony - took the pair to the flat.

Following the attack the suspects were seen on CCTV. They got back into the car and planned how they would leave the town.

Suspects seen on CCTV leaving the scene Credit: Sussex Police

They were later arrested at Littlehaven Railway Station near Horsham.

Police searched the pair and found the murder weapon - a knife - in a rucksack along with a BB gun.

Knife used in the attack on Mr Williams Credit: Sussex Police

During the three-week trial at Hove Crown Court, jurors heard how Bridge and Onofeghare's accounts had changed throughout the investigation. Only in court did they admit they'd gone to the flat to confront Tony about the robbery.

They claimed they were unarmed and Bridge stated it was Tony who had the knife. Bridge claimed he disarmed Tony to use the knife in self-defence, saying they did not go there with the intention of killing someone.

The prosecution were able to disprove this claim with a number of facts including a prison phone call from Onofeghare to a friend in which he speaks about Bridge and the knife.

Both Nicholas Bridge and Daniel Onofeghare will be sentenced on 13th July.

“Although these convictions can never undo what Bridge and Onofeghare did, I hope it will bring some justice for Tony’s family and friends.

“This was a horrific planned and targeted attack by a teenager and a young man.

"The pair were at the flat for just three minutes and in that time they inflicted an extreme level of violence, leaving the premises before anyone could comprehend what had happened.

“This attack with people known to be involved with drugs and the use of weapons in this type of criminality is sadly all too commonplace.

– Det Chf Insp Emma Heater, Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team