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Surgeon says weight loss surgery should be more accessible after patient's life-changing results

Abby has lost nine stone Photo: ITV Meridian

A surgeon at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth claims weight loss surgery should be more accessible to those who could benefit, after a patient of his lost more than 90% of her excess weight.

Abby King was severely overweight in 2016, weighing almost 20 stone at 18 years of age.

As a child, she had been prescribed medication for an anxiety disorder and developed a habit of grazing which continued long after she stopped taking the drugs.

Abby as a child

At 16 she started talking to doctors about having bariatric surgery.

Abby had a sleeve gastrectomy in 2016, which involved removing around 75% of her stomach.

Now she weighs 11 and a half stone and says she is happier, healthier and more confident.

Surgeon Nick Carter agrees that the best solution to the growing obesity problem is prevention.

But he also says for those people who are already obese and suffering with medical problems, the only cost-effective, long-term treatment is surgery - and a 'postcode lottery' is making it difficult for many people to access it who would benefit.

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Emma spoke to Abby and Lynn King and Nick Carter, a surgeon at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.