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'Despicable act of cruelty'- cat loses leg in air gun attack


It's been described as a despicable act of cruelty. A cat was forced to have one of its legs amputated after being shot at close range with an airgun in Wokingham.

The animal was shot on Nine Mile Ride in Finchampstead close to his home earlier this month. It's the latest in a growing number of attacks in recent years.

The vet who treated 5 year old Frosty says it was one of the worst things she'd seen.

Watch the report by Mary Stanley:

He's coping well despite losing a leg after an attack his owners describe as callous and cowardly.

Frosty has been part of the family for 5 years as a Christmas present to their young daughter.

He returned home bleeding and limping. His owners were horrified when the vet said he'd been shot close to his home in Wokingham.

Carole Valette and Matt Osgood- Frosty's owners:

The RSPCA has received 4,500 calls about airgun attacks on animals in the last five years. There were 884 calls last year with more than 450 targeted pet cats and dogs. In our region:


The vet said it was one of the worst cases she'd seen - the airgun pellet shattered his femur.

Sarah Moffat- Vet

Carole and Matt faced a £2,000 vets bill.

They're speaking up to raise awareness of the cruelty and hope those responsible can be brought to justice.