Fly-tipping blights our countrysides- what can we do?

Fly-tipping blights our towns and countryside, and costs millions to clear up every year.

Now, Kent Police is cracking down on those suspected of dumping large amounts of waste, especially in rural areas.

Officers have carried out a number of raids, with the aim of disrupting organised gangs intent on fly-tipping.

Watch the report by Tom Savvides:

In some areas fly-tippping is out of control.

Now, Kent Police is targeting organised groups suspected of fly-tipping

A number of raids have been carried out at premises across Kent in search of gangs that may have been dumping waste in rural areas.

Chief Inspector Mark Weller from Kent Police had this to say:

Building material was left on private land near Canterbury.The farmer, Martin Twyman, had to pay the clear up costs himself:

With the number of reports of fly-tipping rising, the police and councils are struggling to get on top of the problem.