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£3,000 of food & supplies stolen from Dorset foodbank

The theft happened on Friday Photo:

Thieves have stolen about £3,000 worth of food, clothes and supplies from a foodbank staffed by volunteers in Bournemouth in Dorset.

Claire Matthews, who set up the foodbank 'Hope for Food' in 2012 to help those in need in her local area, said she was devastated that so much damage was caused during the break-in on Friday 22nd June.

The door had to be repaired after being damaged during the break-in

Windows were smashed and part of the site was trashed. The charity said that the amount of food and supplies - including toiletries - which were stolen, would have helped to support local families for the next month.

Shelves were left empty after the break-in

Dorset Police are carrying out an investigation.

Meanwhile, Claire Matthews said that she and the other volunteers are grateful to all the people who have stepped in to give new donations since the break-in.

The thieves also raided the fridge and took meat products