Father and son jailed for dealing cocaine and cannabis

Father and son jailed Credit: Credit: Kent Police

A father and son from Kent have both been jailed for dealing cocaine and cannabis.

Gary Benson, 30, from Margate was caught when police pulled him over because his car had a broken tail light. Officers then found he was carrying bags of cannabis and wraps of cocaine, as well as £4,200 in cash.

A further search of Gary Benson's home uncovered more bags of compressed cannabis.

Enquiries led police to the home of his father, Neil Benson, 59, in Ramsgate where £7,800 cash and a large amount of cocaine was found.

In total, the cocaine seized from both this address and Gary Benson's car had a potential street value of £71,770 while a total of 1.5kg of cannabis seized.

Both men pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. Neil Benson has been sentenced to a total of five years and three months.

Neil Benson, 59, sentenced to five years and three months. Credit: Credit: Kent Police

"It was thanks to good old-fashion police work that the Bensons, who profited from others' misery and vulnerability, are now in jail. "Furthermore, Kent Police will now look to explore the powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act in relation to the £12,000 seized by the officers who spotted that faulty rear light on Gary Benson's car."

Detective Inspector Dave Cox, Kent Police