Where's Home: Behind the faces. What does it mean to be a tower block resident?

And a local artist has been capturing the faces of those living in social housing in a series of revealing portraits. We look at what home means to residents in Portsmouth - whether that's friendship, community or a place of sanctuary.

Watch this stunning report by Christine Alsford:

Artist Karl Rudziak has spent the last 18 months capturing the characters of Portsmouth's inner city tower blocks and estates.

It's involved rethinking and redrawing a lot of stereotypes.

The main focus of his portrait project - the residents of Edgbaston House - 18 floors high.

It's home for Rene and Jess. Friends since their schooldays, they ended up living in the same tower block completely by chance. Now they're inseparable.

Rene and Jess Credit: ITV Meridian

Brenda Beavis loves the view she gets from the window of her eleventh floor flat high above the noise and bussle of the city streets.

Brenda Beavis Credit: ITV Meridian

John Bosco fled his African homeland some 17 years ago when it was discovered he was gay.

John Bosco Credit: ITV Meridian

Karl's collection of portraits are exhibited at the Somerstown Central hub where plenty more local residents can see themselves on display.

He's now working on a new project meeting and painting Paulsgrove residents - and telling other stories about home, culture and identity through portraits too.