Swimming teacher fights for her Kent business after threats of closure from the council

Denise Calver has been running a swimming school from the covered pool at her home in Dartford for the past nine years, but she may have to close it down.

Dartford council recently refused the school planning permission saying it is having a detrimental impact on the local area.

Denise says her business is well established and noise and parking are not a problem.

The planning permission issue came up after the council recently received a noise complaint.

Issues of parking on the busy nearby road were also mentioned, but Denise says that of 55 responses sent to the council from the public, only 4 raised any objections.

She says she was advised she did not need planning permission when the business was set up.

Dartford Council told us that they cannot comment at the current time.

Ms Calver plans to appeal against the decision.