Disabled patient waits 7 hours for hospital transport

Patient waits 7 hours for transport

He was left waiting for seven and a half hours in his wheelchair for transport home after a hospital appointment. Now, patient David Slater from Rainham in Kent has criticised the company G4S for its poor service.

Mr Slater has told ITV Meridian he felt scared and vulnerable as he waited at night to be picked up. G4S has apologised.

We regret that Mr Slater experienced a poor service with our non-emergency patient transport services; it was an unfortunate result of human error. We have looked into the circumstances that led to this to ensure that we maintain a good service for those who use it. We have a good track record of delivering high-quality patient transport services across the country, with over 325,000 journeys completed in Kent last year. There is a high demand for our service and the vast majority of our patients make their appointments on time.

Mike Woodall, G4S Patient Transport Services
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