Archaeological dig uncovers wartime past of Sussex

Volunteers have been excavating at the National Trust site Credit: ITV Meridian

An archaeological dig at Sheffield Park and Garden in Sussex has uncovered the area's wartime past.

Parts of the National Trust site were home to British and Canadian troops in the 1940s during World War Two.

Among the finds are a boot scraper, a soldier's footprint in wet concrete and remains of the Nissen huts that formed the camp.

The Canadian army were based in East Sussex and parts of Surrey, carrying out training in the general area of the South Downs.

The combat training for those Canadians in many cases was to prepare for the huge Normandy landings which paved the way for the end of the war.

  • Watch Derek Johnson's report below

Derek spoke to Peter Hibbs, Sussex Military Research and volunteers Roy Fox and Lene Gurney.