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Timmy Mallett appeals for help to find 'special' bike after 2500 mile ride in memory of brother

The Giant E bike was stolen from outside The King's Arms in Cookham Credit: Timmy Mallett

The television personality Timmy Mallett is offering a reward to find his bike, after it was stolen from outside his local pub in Berkshire.

He had just returned from a 2500-mile bike ride through Europe, in memory of his late brother Martin, who had Down's Syndrome.

Timmy says the bike, which he named Martin after his brother, was his reliable companion throughout the two-month trip and he's heartbroken to have lost it.

He had securely locked it outside his local pub in Cookham, but when he left the pub, the bike was gone.

I'm not looking for retribution - whoever took my bike can't have known how special it is to me. It was my best pal on the journey, it was so reliable - I only had one puncture the entire time! It's such a terrible irony that it was then stolen pretty much from my own back yard. I suppose I'm just appealing to someone's better nature and asking 'please, let me have it back.'

– Timmy Mallett
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