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Video: Tricky rescue after relentless tide pins yacht to car ferry

Poole RNLI lifeboats have successfully rescued a yacht which collided with the Sandbanks Ferry in Poole Harbour on Saturday.

A 30-foot yacht with two people on board had become trapped against the chain ferry because of a 'fierce and relentless' tide.

The lifeboat was quickly on the scene Credit: RNLI

With the boat crashing against the side of the steel hull of the chain ferry, the lifeboat crew attached a towline and pulled the yacht off the ferry.

Once the yacht was clear, a lifeboat crewman was transferred to check the people on board were uninjured.

Although shaken, they were taken back into Poole Harbour.

Paul Glatzel, Volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager commented:

‘What looks a straightforward rescue was in fact an incredibly challenging and skillful rescue by the Helm and Crew of the Poole Lifeboats, we are delighted that all involved are safe and well’

‘This was a difficult job, in challenging conditions, the spring tide was at its peak.

It was a similar scenario that happened in 2001 on the other side of the Chain Ferry when the yacht disappeared underneath with one person in it.

The sea is unpredictable and it’s a notorious bottle neck in the harbour which has caught many experienced seafarers out, thankfully it was a good outcome’.

– Jonathan Clark, Volunteer helm