Oxfordshire couple escape death in Italy bridge collapse

A couple from Oxfordshire has been caught up in an Italy bridge collapse.

Lisa and Nicola Henton Mitchell, from Bicester, were among many drivers who were forced to flee as the Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa.

Thirty nine people were killed when the bridge gave way on Tuesday morning.

The couple describe leaving everything but their passports and phones in the car as they fled, taking shelter in a nearby tunnel.

Once they were safe, they thanked locals who've been helping them whilst they remain in Genoa.

Sixteen people were hurt in the collapse, 12 of who are said to be seriously injured.

It is thought some 20 vehicles plunged up to 150ft into a void after a 200-metre section of the Morandi Bridge collapsed on Tuesday over an industrial zone.

Credit: PA

It is currently not known what caused the 260ft long stretch of highway to break off from the 150ft high bridge in the north-western port city.

So far, at least 11 people have been pulled alive from the rubble of the bridge, while rescuers and sniffer dogs continue the search through tonnes of concrete slabs and steel for survivors or bodies.