1. ITV Report

Amanda's forecast for east and west of region

Cloud and rain in Kent will quickly clear this evening, with some late sunshine, especially in western counties. Then dry with long clear spells overnight. Winds will be mainly light westerly. Minimum temperature 11°C.

Dry with sunny spells during Friday. Feeling warm or humid, although cloud will increase at times during the afternoon with more hazy sunshine. Mainly light westerly breeze. Maximum temperature 23°C.

In the west, many places will be dry overnight with lengthy clear spells which will allow it to become cool compared with recent nights. However, there will also be a few showers. Minimum temperature 10°C.

A dry and bright start on Friday, but a few showers are possible in the west first thing. Cloud will thicken during the day, but it should remain dry. Maximum temperature 21°C.