Aldershot charity aims to end youth homelessness

Mel Goodman has supported around 20 young people. Credit: ITV Meridan
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A charity based in Aldershot is aiming to end youth homelessness.

Step-By-Step offers shelter for 16-25 year olds across Surrey and Hampshire, by placing them in a family home.

Statistics revealed that around 90 thousand young people in the UK asked their local government for help last year after they found themselves without a home or were at risk of living on the streets.

The scheme means that host families are paid for their help in exchange for providing a roof over a young person's head.

As well as a room, they also receive support and learn essential daily living skills.

Support workers from the charity are on call 24/7 to provide help for both young people and host families.

Mel Goodman has taken in 20 youngsters over the years. Here is her story.