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Scheme encourages social media positivity as high level of teenagers addicted

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A new project has begun in Brighton to help young people deal with social media after a survey revealed one in five teenagers admitted to being addicted to their mobile phones.

The scheme, called Brighton5 is working with schools and colleges across the city to teach students how to stay positive when online and how to use it as a force for good.

1 in 4
young girls now suffer from depression before the age of 14
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The project helps teenagers to produce their own positive media content.

It's been prompted by concern about mental health problems in the younger generation.

It's hoped the content created will be showcased on TV, radio and podcast, presenting young people in the way they want to be seen.

of parents said they argue with their children about their phone use on a daily basis

Interviewees: Lola Ray, Student & Jane Keating, Producer, Brighton5 & Chloe Turnbull, Student & Tayler Cresswell, Make (Good) Productions