Third anniversary of the Shoreham Airshow crash

A memorial to the victims is taking shape
  • Watch Andy Dickenson's report on the memorial to the victims below

Today marks the third anniversary of the Shoreham Airshow crash.

Eleven men were killed when a Hawker Hunter jet crashed on to the A27 in Sussex on 22 August 2015.

Pilot Andrew Hill, 54, faces trial on 11 charges of manslaughter by gross negligence and one of recklessly or negligently endangering an aircraft under air navigation laws.

In March 2017, the final report into the incident concluded that Hill was flying "too low" and "too slow" to perform his stunt and failed to do the necessary escape manoeuvre before the crash.

He was thrown from the plane during the crash and taken to hospital in a critical condition before being put into an induced coma. He was discharged in September 2015.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) also found that the 53-year-old remained conscious throughout the flight but was untrained in escape manoeuvres, which would have still been possible before he plummeted into traffic.

They found a "lack of provisions" by the organisers to protect an area outside their control had increased the severity of the West Sussex disaster before the loop-the-loop stunt went fatally wrong.

He was authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly the Hawker Hunter aircraft and had racked up dozens of hours in the plane between May 2011 and August 2015 - almost 10 of which were in the three months leading up to the crash.

The annual Shoreham airshow has not been held since in respect to the victims and families Credit: PA

The victims were Maurice Rex Abrahams, Dylan Archer, Anthony David Brightwell, Matthew James Grimstone, Matthew Wesley Jones, James Graham Mallinson, Mark Alexander Reeves, Jacob Henry Schilt, Richard Jonathan Smith, Mark James Trussler and Daniele Gaetano Polito.

A memorial is taking shape that will stand within view of the airport.

It has been designed in collaboration with those who lost the most.

Interviewees: Caroline & Bob Schilt, Parents of Jacob Schilt & David Parfitt & Jane Fordham, Artists