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Spirit of the South: The hilltop with more than a grisly tale to tell

Combe Gibbet was erected in 1676 on top of an ancient burial mound

Combe Gibbet sits on top of a large hill overlooking Berkshire and beyond.

It was erected in 1676 as a reminder to those who lived below of what would happen if they flouted the law.

Historians say that a local couple George Broomham and Dorothy Newman, conspired to murder his wife and child.

They were taken for trial at Winchester and were subsequently executed.

Their bodies were brought to the hillside to be hung in chains on the original Gibbet.

However visitors can find more than a grisly tale at Combe Gibbet.

On top of the hillside, walkers can capture panoramic views of several counties including West Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

Historical sites, such as Greenham Common airbase, can also be seen from the hilltop.

As well as views from the ground, enthusiasts travel to Combe Gibbet to see it from the sky.

Hand glider Alec Linton took these pictures of himself launching from the top of the hill

Everyone enjoys the rather grisly aspect of the Gibbet, but it gets people up there looking at the wider landscape and understand a little bit more about the different layers of history that we have up there. It gets people out with healthy walking and brings together the different aspects of why the historic environment is so valuable."

– Sarah Orr, Senior Archaeologist, West Berkshire Council
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