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'Croydon cat killer' may have struck in Kent after remains found

The cat was found in St Hilda Road on Sunday evening Photo: ITV Meridian
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There are fears the 'Croydon cat killer' may have struck in Kent after remains were discovered on a street in Folkestone.

The nature of its injuries have led police to link it to the 'Croydon cat killer' who is thought to be a single attacker responsible for the deaths of hundreds of cats in the country across a number of years.

That is a killer who is already suspected of attacking cats in Tunbridge Wells, Gravesend, Chatham, Dover, Deal and Faversham.

It's also thought the killer is responsible for a 'brutal' attack in Hampshire.

Credit: ITV Meridian

The attacker was first dubbed the 'Croydon cat killer', because it is believed the killings started in the south London area in around October 2015.

The cat was found just off the high street in St Hilda Road on Sunday evening.

Pet owners in the area are being urged to stay vigilant.

Abigail spoke to Megan MacLeod, Cheriton resident & Debbie Nicholson, Cat Owner & Chris Smith, Cheriton resident