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Future's bright for ten tiny pups dumped by the roadside

Credit: ITV Meridian

We've been to meet the ten tiny Staffordshire bull terriers abandoned in a lay-by near Titchfield- and they'e doing well!

They were found by a passer-by on Saturday without their mother, and so young that their eyes haven't yet opened.

The pups are being cared for at Heathside vets surgery

But under the care of veterinary nurses at Heathside vets surgery in Park Gate, they're thriving.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Coggins, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity, said:

"We are very worried about the welfare of the mother dog as she will no doubt be really missing her pups, and could be suffering from mastitis after recently having so many puppies.

"I assume as they'd been left in the layby by the person responsible in the hope would be found and helped.

However, leaving such young puppies exposed like this without the mum they so desperately need risked their lives.

They will now be cared for until they're old enough to go to new loving homes.