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Care worker sentenced after 'catalogue of abuse'

A care worker from Poole has been sentenced for ill-treating an elderly woman she was supposed to be looking after. Her acts were caught - after the victim's daughter set up CCTV in the home.

The elderly lady suffered dementia and mobility problems and her daughter had set up cameras to monitor her mother - fearing she might have a fall - but instead she was horrified by what they revealed.

Susan Hind subjected 78-year-old Martha Davison to a catalogue of abuse. She'd been caring for her for four years - visiting six times a day to help feed and clean her and help her into bed. But the film showed her shouting at Mrs Davison, threatening and mocking her problems.

Susan Hind pleaded guilty to three charges of ill treatment and neglect at Poole Magistrates.

The 69-year-old of Trinidad Crescent was given a suspended sentence of 24 weeks and ordered to pay £500 compensation. The magistrate told her she was in a position of trust. But her manner was unkind, degrading and cruel.

The CPS hoped the sentence would bring some justice to her victim's family.