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Could we see a Lib Dem leader from Oxford?


The south's only Lib Dem MP says she hopes she might be leader in the future.

Layla Moran from Oxfordshire is one of the favourites to succeed Sir Vince Cable when he steps down - probably next year.

They're heading home from Brighton tonight (18/09) after their party conference.

Our political correspondent Phil Hornby's been with them beside the seaside. Watch his report here:

There's lots of talk about a new leader at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton. The present leader Sir Vince Cable say's maybe it should be someone from outside parliament, not an MP, maybe not even a Lib Dem.

It could be anyone!

MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran, is one of the hot favourites to take over. The hall was full when she presented her speech at the conference this week. She got a standing ovation.

Layla Moran MP, Oxford West and Abingdon:

Sir Vince Cable MP, Liberal Democrat leader:

The conference ended with his big speech. No one knows if he'll make one at the next conference, but in 12 months time so much would have changed. We could be in a post-Brexit world.