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One week on- firefighters still at scene of warehouse blaze

The fire broke out in Westwood on September 15th Photo:

Latest statement from Kent Fire and Rescue Service:

Kent Fire and Rescue Service remains at the scene of a warehouse fire in Westwood near Margate.

Around 35 firefighters are working hard during daylight hours to contain the fire, drag the rubbish out of the fire zone, damp it down, turn it over and check for hot spots.

Due to the size of the warehouse and its content the fire service is set to be working on the site for some time to come.

Firefighters will be working closely with a demolition company throughout today (23 September) to open up the building, so that fire crews can safely access more of its contents.

This is expected to lead to an increased level of smoke in the area, and more visible flames throughout today.

People living and working nearby are advised to stay indoors, where possible, and to keep their windows and doors closed as a precaution. If anyone is concerned about their health, please visit