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Headteachers march in London to protest over school funding

Headteachers from West Sussex gather ahead of the protest in London Photo: ITV Meridan

Headteachers from across our region are marching in London as part of a large demonstration over school funding

They left for the capital on Friday morning to join hundreds of others from across the country to protest over - what they are calling -"unsustainable" budget shortfalls.

The Government says more money is going into schools than ever before.

But this headteacher, from a school in Horsham, says the budget they are currently given is simply not enough....

The Department for Education said in a statement;

“There is more money going into schools than ever before, rising to a record £43.5 billion by 2020 – 50% more in real terms per pupil than in 2000. The OECD has recently confirmed that the UK is the third highest spender on education in the world, spending more per pupil than countries including Germany, Australia and Japan.

“Every school attracts more funding per pupil through the National Funding Formula, high needs funding has risen to over £6 billion this year and the 3.5% pay rise we announced for classroom teachers on the main pay range is backed by £508 million government funding.

“We know that we are asking schools to do more, which is why we are helping them to reduce the £10 billion spent each year on non-staffing costs, providing government-backed deals for things like printers and energy suppliers that are helping to save millions of pounds.”

– Department for Education spokesperson