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Children reduce MP's to tears after school funding plea

School children speak in parliament to teach MP's a lesson or two. Photo: ITV Meridan

Politicians have been reduced to tears as children - as young as eight - told them how budget pressures are having an impact on their schools.

The pupils - including several from Sussex - have spoken directly to nearly 40 MPs at the House of Commons. They explained how they've lost teaching staff - and watched their classrooms fall into disrepair.

School children head to Parliament Credit: ITV Meridian

The protest comes just days after more than a thousand headteachers marched in the capital.

While schools say they're facing real term budget cuts of 8 per cent - figures backed by the Institute of Fiscal Studies - the government said they are spending more money than ever before - £43.5 billion by 2020.

The Prime Minister agreed with the figures saying education funding was at a record high and more children were in good and outstanding schools.

The Department for Education said the UK is the third highest spender in the world - those figures include student tuition fees which graduates have to pay back and the money parents spend on private school fees.

But confidence in government statistics have been severely shaken in recent days.

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