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Father guilty of murder after violently shaking baby son in

Daniel McLaren guilty of murdering his baby son Photo: Thames Valley Police

A 30-year-old man has been convicted of the murder of his baby son.

Jack McLaren, who was four and half months old, suffered brain damage after being shaken by his father Daniel McLaren at the family home in Thatcham, Berkshire.

Daniel McLaren was found guilty after a two week trial at Reading Crown Court.

A Post-Mortem examination concluded the cause of death to be from a head injury.

Damage was identified to Jack’s brain as being caused at the time of his collapse and also on a previous occasion.

Daniel was a parent to Jack and yet he abused this privileged position to kill his son. He should have been someone who Jack could rely upon to care for him with unconditional love, but instead he used physical force against a defenceless baby. By shaking four-and-a-half month old Jack, he caused him injuries on two occasions which the little boy was ultimately unable to survive. His actions have deprived Jack’s mother, and all those who knew and loved him, of having him in their lives and being able to see him grow up. Our thoughts remain with them.

– Detective Superintendent Nick John

Daniel McLaren is due to be sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Monday, 15th October.