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Road finally reopens 5 months since sinkhole appeared

Sinkhole appeared during May bank holiday Photo: ITV Meridian

The A26 Tonbridge Road at Barming finally reopened to traffic today five months since it was shut by a sinkhole.

It caused several homes to be evacuated during the May Bank Holiday. Drivers reported hearing a "crunching sound" just before the road collapsed.

Early investigations found numerous voids and extensive soft spots on the site which meant Kent County Council needed to investigate geotechnical solutions to stabilise the ground.

Work took place throughout July up to mid-August using 1,043 metric tonnes of grout to strengthen the soil. Specialist engineers had to dig down 11 metres under the road, in an area not much larger than a tennis court.

Once the sewer was repaired alongside work by gas and electricity companies, KCC was able to finish the road surfacing and complete the job - with the project's bill totalling some £1 million.

Sinkhole on A26 now repaired Credit: ITV Meridian
It's been 5 months since the sinkhole appeared Credit: ITV Meridian