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Kent Police respond following an increase in crime figures

Kent police have had the largest increase in crime rates in England Photo: PA

Kent has seen the biggest, overall rise in crime across England according to the Office of National Statistics.

The county has seen its crime rate soar by more than a third in the last year.

Figures for stalking and public order offences have seen some of the biggest increase in the county.

Kent Police has responded it the watchdog's latest findings.

Chief Constable, Jo Shiner, Kent Police Credit: ITV Meridian

We always strive to record our crime accuratley. It is quite complex and technical in relation to how that is done.

For example you can have one incident, there can sometimes be five or six different actual crimes that comes out of that; sometimes of different types as well, particularly in relation to public order where we have seen the largest increases.

– Chief Constable, Jo Shiner, Kent Police