Taxpayers to foot clean-up bill following spate of fly-tipping incidents

It's one of the biggest fly-tipping incidents in Hampshire. A twenty-foot wide pile of waste has been dumped by a beauty spot near Winchester.

The mountain of rubbish was found in a lay-by off the A31 at Alresford, where it borders the South Downs National Park, over the weekend.

It contains builders material, children's toys, tyres, garden rubbish and looks like debris from a house renovation. An address was found on a bank statement among the debris. Police are now investigating.

More rubbish - including asbestos - was dumped nearby earlier this month and disrupted a marathon. Lib Dem Cllr, Jackie Porter, Hampshire County Council, told ITV News Meridian that "even one fibre of asbestos can damage your health for life".

Similar inquiries are underway near Havant where this huge pile of fly-tipped debris was found last week:

With incidents of illegal dumping on the increase councils say that anyone having building work done or rubbish removed can help prevent fly-tipping by choosing reputable companies and checking where and how contractors will dispose of the rubbish.

All of these piles of fly-tipped rubbish will take weeks to clear and it will be taxpayers footing the bill, leaving councils with less money to spend on the other vital services they provide.

The incident near the A31 at Alresford the latest in a number of recent incidents and has prompted calls for a crackdown on the problem. Richard Jones reports:


  • Lib Dem Cllr, Jackie Porter, Hampshire County Council

  • Nigel Oliver, Crime Officer, Environment Agency