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Rail overhaul on Brighton line could end years of chaos for commuters


One of the biggest rail projects ever undertaken in the South could signal an end to years of disruption for commuters.

Multimillion-pound plans have been unveiled to improve the Brighton line, known to have the worst punctuality of any major route.

passengers regularly travel on the Brighton line

Many trains to London from Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and Sussex try to squeeze through the lines at East Croydon which is causing delays.

The solution is new track with flyovers, underpasses and a bigger station at East Croydon to ease congestion.

The proposals will take two years to develop and the project will take several years to complete.

It's a bit like putting a roundabout in the busiest section of the M25 and then sticking a few traffic lights in for good measure. You can imagine the chaos that that causes. That's what passengers and trains face every day when they go through East Croydon and we want to fix that by putting flyovers in so that trains can go straight through unhindered."

– John Halsall, Network Rail
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