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Bringing young and old together in Hampshire to fight loneliness


Teenagers in Hampshire could be the answer to tackling loneliness and helping people in the county stay connected to the outside world.

A group of young people completed a four week volunteering project with the National Citizen Service this summer at Clifford House in Andover.

As a result, the project has seen the creation of some very special relationships.

The teenagers raised funds and built a garden in the grounds of the care home.

After completing their project, they continued to visit Clifford House, where staff say residents eagerly await their visits.

More than a million elderly people say they can go for weeks without speaking to anyone.

estimated number of elderly people who live alone

I feel like there is such a divide between the older and younger generation and I feel like we should all try and not have that divide anymore. I come here at least every weekend to put a smile on their faces."

– Molly Cooke, Volunteer
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