In a series of reports, ITV News Meridian has been exploring East Sussex County Council and its attempts to balance the books, as the money gets tighter.

As part of cuts to funding to avoid bankruptcy, the council leader told ITV News Meridian that the subsidy for Meals on Wheels may have to end.

The service will continue to operate, but those using the food service would have to pay the full cost.

Many of our customers have mental health needs, dementia, physical disabilities and are not able to prepare their own foods or go out shopping, so in that respect we are a valuable resource for them. We also help to fight loneliness as many of customers don't see any person from day to day so we provide that link so they can see what's going on in the outside world. Just to be a friendly, familiar face that they can see on a regular basis."

Greg Livermore, Meals on Wheels Manager

If the cuts go ahead, customers who are currently eligible for the council's subsidy will go from paying £1- £2 towards their meal to the full price of £6- £7.

The council says difficult decision are having to be made.

It will decide next week whether to cut the funding.

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