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Interviewees: Dilys Armistice Fox, Celebrating 100th Birthday & Maj Sandra Frost, The Salvation Army & Sharon Bacon Head of Care

Dilys Armistice Fox was born on the day the fighting ceased and the Armistice was signed.

She was given the middle name of Armistice to honour that day.

Now, exactly 100 years after the end of the First World War, she's been celebrating her 100th birthday in Hassocks in Sussex.

Dilys did not think she would reach the age of 100 Credit: ITV News

Dilys has received around 800 birthday cards from school children from the area.

She says it will take her "a month of Sundays" to read them all.

Dilys has received nearly 1,000 birthday cards Credit: ITV News

Dilys was a children's nanny all her working life.

When her husband Henry went off to fight in the Second World War she served her country caring for children and babies in an orphanage.

She says her secret to a long life has been keeping independent.

Dilys served her country during WW1 caring for children in an orphanage Credit: ITV News