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'Community Connectors' help tackle loneliness epidemic

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A new study has revealed more than seven in 10 young people feel alone and isolated.

The British Red Cross is among the charities using so-called 'Community Connectors' to work with people to help them build new relationships and get out of the house.

1 in 5
say they don't have friends they can talk to

Research shows more than a third of people say they often feel alone with no-one to turn to.

Almost half say their neighbours are like strangers to them.

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Interviewees: Daniel Ferry & Michael Rickwood, Community Connector, British Red Cross & Zoe Abrams, British Red Cross

'Community Connectors' work to help people recognise there is a problem.

They encourage people to talk to them about what they want to do about it, how they want their lives to be and how they want to make connections in the community.

The overall message is 'talking is important'.

  • Hear below from Claire Vincent who is a Community Connector in Portsmouth

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