Grant offers fresh hope to tackle re-offending in Thames Valley

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Around one third of adult prisoners will go on to re-offend once released back into the community, according to figures from the Ministry of Justice.

Former offender Terry spent two years in Bullingdon prison, in Bicester.

When he was released, he found it almost impossible to get his life back on track.

He faced a number of problems, including lack of interview skills, difficulty filling out CVs and using computers due to system changes.

He was also faced with job rejections because he had been in prison.

However, he found work as an Operations Assistant at University College Oxford, with the help of the employment charity Aspire.

The charity has now received a £72,000 grant from the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, who says he's determined to tackle re-offending.

It is hoped it will help to reduce future crime and make a difference to people's lives.

Aspire is now expanding its Oxfordshire support programme into Buckinghamshire, in the hope of encouraging other former inmates, to leave their offending days behind them.

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Interviewees: Terry, Former offender & Paul Roberts, CEO, Aspire Oxford & Matthew Barber, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner