Pair lucky to escape after car plunges into River Thames

Rescue teams at the scene Credit: OFRS

A man and woman were lucky to escape with their lives after their car came off a residential street and plunged into the River Thames.

Emergency services were scrambled to Wilsham Road in Abingdon at 1am on Saturday morning.

Onlookers told fire crews that the car left the road, crashing into a parked car before landing in the Thames ten metres out from the bank.

The two occupants were able to open the doors and swim to safety in the very cold conditions.

One female casualty was treated at the scene for shock and signs of hypothermia.

The water rescue boat from Kidlington Fire Station was launched and crews used a specialist underwater camera to check that no further people were in the vehicle and that no other cars were involved.

The fire service rescue boat was used to check for further casualties Credit: OFRS